I seek to provide a safe, secure and supportive environment for individuals as they face their life challenges, explore relationships, acquire new ways of coping, relating and claiming their lives based on their inner resources and create the changes they desire. I believe therapy to be beneficial, offering growth and healing as well as providing insight for those seeking a perspective through self exploration.

In today’s culture, therapy has often been misconstrued in the mass media. The therapist is usually portrayed as an "oddball" or "cartoon like" character whereas the patient/client is often described as being weak, helpless or ineffective. Psychotherapy has often been casted for the "crazy, psycho, or mentally disturbed" or as a method of last resort, something to do when we have tried everything else.

I view therapy as an opportunity for individuals, couples and family members to address unresolved issues, identify and work on goals, and gain greater satisfaction and flexibility in life. I view therapy as being a journey in which I have the privilege to serve as your companion and guide. As your companion, my role is to be at your side and walk with you. During our walk together, I will point out things you may not have noticed or considered, encourage different "paths" to travel and I will be there with you as you explore difficult questions or work through unresolved traumas or experiences.

As your guide, my role is not to lead you, but instead provide encouragement and support as you explore and discover your own feelings, ideas and interests. It is in this role that I may offer questions and feedback. I will do so in an honest, sensitive and respectful manner. During the journey, you may encounter "internalized resistance" or "defenses" due to fear or anxiety of a recent or past experience. My role is to provide a secure, safe and nurturing environment as you seek clarity or explore unresolved trauma or experiences. My commitment is to be there with you and not abandon you on the journey you have chosen to take.