It is my pleasure to assist the traveler as he/she embarks on the Journey of Self Discovery.
One of the things that we will encounter on our journey are gems: items that are highly prized or held in high esteem and affection. Gems have value because of their specific meaning to the one who holds or carries them.

For our purposes, the gems we encounter along our journey include guidance regarding areas of emotional and psychological wellness, sustaining intimate relationships, parenting during the stages of latent adolescence/early adulthood and tools to achieve specific goals in life. It is my hope that the traveler will use these gems as tools to assist in selecting which paths to take when they encounter the many crossroads that appear along the journey.

In daily living, we come to diverging paths, which I call crossroads. These are opportunities in our journeys where we as individuals must choose which direction to follow. These can come in the form of choices, challenges, barriers, alternatives,
or options. The main point of these encounters is that a decision must be made. I bid you safe passage as you continue to consider the questions and decisions, which now lie along your chosen path.

Click on each link below and download the following Gems in PDF format:
~ The Journey of Self Discovery
~ Cultivating the Self
~ The Healthy Narcissist: Celebrating the Self
~ In Search of True Intimacy: Partners & Companions
~ Moving On: From Adolescence into Adulthood
~ Depression: Coping with the Low Down Blues
~ Rethinking Trauma: Learning to Live with Fear
~ The Unspoken Pain of Shame & Humiliation
~ Enduring Pain: Suffering in Silence
~ Dusk to Dawn: Interrupted Sleep & Nightmares
~ When Enough is Enough: The Use of Alcohol and Drugs to Reduce Stress