My theoretical approach is integrative, meaning I draw from psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, family systems and object relations theories. Object Relations Theory is an offshoot of psychoanalytic theory where the emphasis is on the inner image of the self and how it manifests itself in interpersonal situations.

Self-psychology is an offshoot of object relations theory that focuses on "self-object" experiences, experiences with others that nourish the self and the relationship between the self and self-esteem.

I view "the self" and "self-esteem" as the primary focus of my clinical work. It is through therapeutic conversation that we open the possibility of empowering the self and reinforcing our own self-esteem. Having a therapeutic conversation can assist the individual in finding new solutions, gaining support and charting a new course within the journey known as life. In doing so, we are able to rely on our own power in working with our difficulties and experiencing hope and joy. This is why I named my practice "Loving The Self-Self Relational Psychotherapy."